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Wellington's BlackCard Membership Logo

Elevate Your Dining Experience

Introducing Wellington's Black Card Membership

Embrace the epitome of culinary exclusivity with Wellington's Black Card Membership, a realm reserved for the discerning connoisseurs of refined taste and sophistication. This membership transcends traditional dining, offering unparalleled luxury and personalized service. As a Black Card member, you don't just dine; you own a piece of an exclusive world, meticulously tailored to your highest standards. Welcome to the upper echelon of gastronomy, where you're more than a guest – you're an integral part of a realm of ultimate exclusivity.

Last Opportunity: Secure Your Place in Wellington's Exclusive Circle

Join the ranks of the elite with one of the final 32 memberships available. Wellington’s Black Card is nearing its transformation into a members-only sanctuary. Don't miss your chance to be part of this unique, exclusive world reserved for a select few




This includes a 10% discount on all food, beverages, and cigar box purchases, enhancing your value proposition

Financial Advantage

Personalized to Perfection:

Experience the ultimate in tailored luxury with guaranteed reservations and a dedicated dining room, where every visit is customized to your unique tastes, ensuring an unparalleled dining experience every time

Priority Dining

Wellington's Black Card Includes A Locker At The Reserve Lounge

Unlimited Access to Our Indoor Cigar Lounge | The Reserve

Experience the zenith of luxury and exclusivity with your Black Card membership, granting you unlimited access to The Reserve Lounge, a signature feature within Wellington's that epitomizes sophistication

Personal Wine Locker

Elevate your wine experience with the complimentary personal wine locker, exclusively for Black Card members. This special offer is a hallmark of our dedication to providing a bespoke, luxurious dining journey

A Signature Black Card Privilege

Enjoy the privilege of your own wine locker with no additional cost

Complimentary Usage

Savor your personal wines at Wellington's without any corkage fees

No Corkage Fee

Your locker is thoughtfully designed to hold up to three bottles, offering ample space for your favorite wines

Storage for Up to 3 Bottles

As a Black Card member, unlock access to an array of exclusive, members-only events that elevate your culinary journey. Enjoy privileged invitations to:

  • Gourmet Tastings: Be among the first to indulge in new menu items and unique culinary creations, meticulously crafted by our renowned chefs. These tastings offer an insider's glimpse into the innovative flavors and techniques defining the future of gastronomy

  • Wine and Spirits Tastings: Participate in private tasting sessions featuring a selection of premium wines and spirits. These events are expertly curated by our sommeliers, providing an intimate experience with fine beverages from around the world

Exclusive Events and Premier Tastings

A Gateway to a Comprehensive Luxury Lifestyle

Explore The Extra Perks of BLACK CARD Membership

Enjoy special access and privileges with a curated selection of luxury brands. These partnerships provide unique opportunities and benefits, enhancing your lifestyle beyond the restaurant's ambiance

Exclusive Partnerships with High-End Brands:

The Black Card membership includes a range of services that cater to your sophisticated lifestyle. From personal concierge services to exclusive event access, each aspect is designed to elevate your everyday experiences

Comprehensive Luxury Services:

Each partnership and service under the extended benefits is carefully chosen to align with the high standards and preferences of our Black Card members. This customization ensures that every experience is as unique as our members

Custom-Tailored Experiences:

This card is not just about exquisite culinary experiences; it's a passport to a wider realm of exclusivity and high-end living, thanks to our partnerships with premium brands and services

By integrating these extended benefits, Wellington's Black Card transcends the conventional boundaries of a dining loyalty program. It evolves into a gateway to a world of luxury and exclusivity, meticulously tailored for the discerning individual who seeks more than just a meal, but a comprehensive luxury lifestyle experience

Luxury Lifestyle


Unlock a World of Exclusive Benefits: Join the Elite, Apply for Your Black Card Membership Now!

Members enjoy uninterrupted access to Wellington’s new 10-person private conference room, which doubles as a private poker room, and our members-only dining room – no reservations needed.

Priority Access to Facilities

Experience the convenience of FREE valet parking provided by NWA Valet, starting Q2 2024, along with member-priced exterior and interior auto detailing

Complimentary Valet Parking

Unlock the privilege to select from our top shelf picks, a curated collection reserved exclusively for Wellington’s Members. Elevate your experience with unparalleled access to the finest spirits

Exclusive Access: Wellington's Members Select

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